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Preparing to welcome a child into the world is an exciting time, but can also be stressful. At Women’s Laser Center & OB/GYN of New Jersey, Anita Chait, MD, FACOG and her compassionate, experienced team offer excellent obstetrics and pregnancy services to women from Ramsey, New Jersey. If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, schedule a visit with Dr. Chait to discuss her approach to pregnancy care. Online scheduling is available, or you conveniently can set up your visit by phone.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care involves specialized medical services a woman receives during her pregnancy. Ideally, the process begins before conception, in which case the focus is on preparing the body for the challenges of pregnancy and ensuring proper nutrition and supplementation.

It’s important to begin prenatal care as soon as you learn you’re expecting. Working with a skilled obstetrician can reduce your risk of pregnancy complications for both you and your baby. Comprehensive prenatal care also gives you the support and guidance needed as you navigate your pregnancy.

Having a trusted medical partner to turn to with questions or concerns is an invaluable resource, whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy. Dr. Chalit is honored to be the obstetrician of choice for so many women in the Ramsey, New Jersey, area.

What happens during prenatal visits?

Your initial prenatal visit is likely to be the longest, as Dr. Chait needs to gather a significant amount of information about your health and pregnancy. You can expect to have your height and weight checked, as well as a basic reading of heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

Urine and blood screenings provide more insight into your overall health. Ultrasound imaging allows Dr. Chait to evaluate your baby’s development and estimate your due date. Depending on the results of these basic screenings, additional testing may be indicated.

As you move through the later stages of pregnancy additional tests can check for signs of developmental or genetic problems, as well as issues that could threaten your health during pregnancy.

What can I do to stay healthy during my pregnancy?

The best way to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy is to follow the advice Dr. Chait and the team provide you. Taking your prenatal vitamins, eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and avoiding environmental hazards and undue stress can all help you enjoy and experience a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Your prenatal visits are your chance to ask any questions or express any concerns you have about your pregnancy and the experience of childbirth. If you encounter complications or have existing health issues, Dr. Chait will advise you on how to proceed and is there to support you throughout the process.

If you’re ready to welcome a new member to your family and are looking for trusted, comprehensive pregnancy care, schedule a visit with Dr. Chalit at your earliest convenience, online or by phone today.