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Women have a unique set of health needs, and a gynecologist is a medical specialist trained to meet those specialized needs. For women living in and around Ramsey, New Jersey, Anita Chait, MD, FACOG, of Women’s Laser Center & OB/GYN of New Jersey is an excellent women’s health resource. If you’re searching for a gynecologist who places your needs at the center of every interaction, schedule a meeting with Dr. Chait today. You can book a visit online or by calling the office.

Gynecologist Q & A

What is a gynecologist?

Gynecology is an area of medical practice focused on the female reproductive system, and a gynecologist is a physician who specializes in women’s health. Gynecologists have at least eight years of training and are certified and registered by professionals organizations.

Dr. Chait has more than 20 years of experience in gynecology. She also has multiple areas of specialized training, including in laparoscopic surgery and the latest laser treatment platforms.

What happens during a visit with your gynecologist?

The visit is structured around your needs at that time. Most gynecology appointments are well-woman exams, which are annual check-ups focused on reproductive health. Each visit begins with a discussion with Dr. Chait about your health and any areas of concern.

She’ll conduct a pelvic exam to check your reproductive organs for any abnormalities or signs of disease. This process usually includes a Pap smear, which is a screening that checks your cervical cells for signs of cancer. Gathering the small number of cells needed for this routine screening takes just seconds, and is part of the pelvic exam.

These visits are also an opportunity to express your needs and learn about options. Some of the issues you are encouraged to discuss include: 

  • Birth control or family planning
  • Unusual symptoms
  • Sexual health
  • Screening for sexually transmitted disease
  • Infertility concerns
  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Abnormal bleeding

Your needs will shift and change as you move through the stages of life, but a great gynecologist can help you navigate those times of transition.

What if I have an advanced gynecologic need?

Dr. Chait has the skill and experience needed to address the full scope of gynecologic needs. If you require state-of-the-art laser therapy, that’s a service available in-house. If you encounter a condition that requires gynecologic surgery, Dr. Chait is affiliated with several area hospitals and is highly skilled in laparoscopic surgical procedures. 

In the event that Dr. Chait discovers signs of a health issue outside of her scope of practice, she can access her network of professional contacts to help you find a specialist who can address those needs. She then communicates with the rest of your health team to ensure continuity of care.

To learn more about how Dr. Chait approaches women’s health and wellness, book a gynecology appointment for a one-on-one consultation. Online scheduling makes it easy to find an appointment that best fits your schedule, or you can call to check availability.